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Your health's heartbeat at your fingertips
In a minute, a full-body health assessment.
LifeTracker App and wearable keep you and your loved ones informed about their health, anytime and anywhere.
Wellness tracker with a holistic health scan
Get detailed insights about your well-being.
The accuracy of health checkups is more than 85% *
*according to scientific study
LifeTracker is not another fitness tracker
A unique health promotion, health risk monitoring, and biohacking tool.

LifeTracker helps you choose the right exercises and yoga practices. It tells you how to manage your nutrition. The app calculates the optimal time to work, to sleep, and to eat
Be in touch with pulse of your life
Be among first adopters of miracle tech
Adjust your daily routines
to get synergy boost
Health score
Keep it up!
Pulse analysis technology
LifeTracker technology — Shazam for health assessment. It finds patterns of different diseases in pulses and can forecast the health status outcome. As compared to other noninvasive diagnostic methods, this method is very accurate. It took 30 years for our research team to develop this technology.
Technology protected by US and Russian patents
US Patent №5,381,797
RU patent №223,42,41 Goltsov V.V. and others
RU patent №228,60,84 Goltsov V.V., Fedotov S.P. and others
RU patent №235,42,89 V.V. Goltsov and others
LifeTracker keeps an eye on your wellbeing
Optimize your daily routine
1. Based on regular measurements, LifeTracker analyzes your body rhythm to determine when to do various activities.
2. It is easy to fall asleep and wake up full of energy if you follow your body's natural clock.

3. An equally important element of your sleep is the time you wake up and your "morning ritual".

4. Eating the main meal at a specific time will improve digestion and solve skin problems.
Choose the optimal nutrition
By studying the reaction of your body to various types of food, Lifetracker will select the optimal set of products, as well as warn you about types of food that are potentially harmful to your body.
Do you have elderly relatives?
You can be sure that your family is all right.
  • Life Tracker is easier to use than measuring blood pressure.

  • Warn of serious health problems a few days before the critical moment (according to studies 8-10 days before the occurrence of a critical event, for CVD).

  • You will have access to measurement data through the cloud service.
What our customers say ❤️
  • Konstantin
    Oh, thank you) all the results are expected.
    It's very cool that the app predicts!
  • Olga
    When I started, my health score was around 70-75. Now it is often 80+, but sometimes it falls a little below 70 when I'm going to work. The Eight practices help me to recover. And also everything that accompanies the course - new knowledge, the group support! Thanks to everyone!
LifeTracker Pulse Diagnostics - Simple and Affordable
Pulse Diagnostics is a great art that we inherited from the ancient sages. Even relatively recently, more than 20 years of training with a master was required. Today, not the very skill of pulse diagnostics, but its fruits become available to almost everyone who is interested in managing and maintaining their own health. More than 30 years ago, together with my partners, I invented computerized pulse diagnostics (US Patent 1995), which made it possible to “see” the pulse and analyze it using the achievements of science and technology. Then there was a period of close cooperation with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences based on the development of diagnostic methods based on this invention.
Song Park
Grandmaster KIAIDO, Doctor
Qi LIfeTracker app annual subscription
and get pulse sensor for free!
180 Euro
LifeTracker App and wearable keep you and your loved ones informed about their health, anytime and anywhere.